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Technologies That
Flow Together

We are Perfect Wave Technologies: An organization dedicated to offering audio visual products and services that allow our customers to utilize their existing collaborative investments and cohesively integrate new technologies - seamlessly and at the precise time.

Our management team has provided vision and forward-thinking direction to enterprise customers for over 15 years.  With this background, our task is to simplify previously complex video and collaboration deployments for our valued customers.  Our commitment is to align ourselves with strategic partners offering continual innovation that provide trailblazing solutions aligned to individual customer needs.

Our Services

Our Services

Now more than ever, customers in the enterprise are looking for direction from trusted partners on how to continue to move forward without abandoning or overhauling many of the recent investments made in the collaboration space. Additionally, these organizations are looking to be more productive and effective while maintaining mobility.


We understand that one of an organization’s primary challenges after choosing an on premise technology solution is arranging a successful deployment.  Perfect Wave simplifies this challenge by providing product certified local and national PS teams for onsite deployment. We specialize in providing an experience that empowers the customer to understand, utilize and embrace the technology being deployed.


Take the pain and cost of infrastructure out of the equation.  Our cloud video calling and conferencing solution is so easy anyone can use and deploy without training or IT support. Video conferencing completely open and yet secure. Connect anyone-to-anyone, on-demand, anytime and anywhere, giving individuals and teams the flexibility they need to collaborate while on the move, at the office or from home. 


We realize that maintenance support in the video and collaboration industry is vastly different than in other areas of technology.  Specifically, it means a lot more than a help desk operator monitoring hardware and keeping you aware of its “up or down” status.  When it comes to video and collaboration, customers need a support offering that actually fixes whatever may be broken.  At Perfect Wave we have a firm understanding of what customers are looking for in a support model. 


Does your business have multiple locations and need cable connect? Does your present network need redundancy? Perfect Wave can provide Unified Communications and Network for your Video System.  We deliver all the cable internet services under one contract and manage them seamlessy so your it department doesn't have to.

Our Partners

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