Perfect Wave Technologies is a hard-working, dedicated group of experts in the video/collaboration market.  Our management team has provided vision and forward thinking direction to enterprise customers for over 15 years.  With this background established, our task moving forward is to simplify previously complex video and collaboration deployments for our valued customers.  Our commitment is to align ourselves with strategic partners offering continual innovation that provide trailblazing solutions aligned to customer needs. 


We are Perfect Wave Technologies: An organization dedicated to offering products and services that allow our customers to utilize their existing collaborative investments and cohesively integrate new technologies - seamlessly and at the precise time.



Rick is a career entrepreneur and co-founder of Perfect Wave Technologies. Rick's focus for driving sales and growing success in emerging technology spaces positions Perfect Wave as an organization that intends to capitalize on disruptions in the market place and consistently provide solutions for customer driven needs. 


Rick has been in the video / collaboration industry for his entire 17 year professional career.  Beginning in 1996 as a field rep for one of the first videoconferencing resellers in the U.S., Rick quickly demonstrated an ability to grow sales in the enterprise space and succesfully developed a portfolio of the industry's leading video conferencing users.  In 2000, showing his entrepreneurial spirit, he parlayed that ability into launching Interchange Technologies, Inc. (ITI).  As President & CEO of ITI, Rick grew the company into one of the most respected value added resellers in the U.S.  Consistently focused on revenue growth, developing vendor relationships and adding new product lines, Rick successfully positioned ITI for acquisition by ePlus Technology in November of 2010, where he worked to successfully grow their video practice until the launch of his latest independent venture in January, 2014.

Vice President and Managing Partner

Joe is a co-founder and the driving force behind Perfect Wave Technologies' vision to deliver the next generation of collaboration solutions.  His passion for finding the technologies to best meet customer needs positions Perfect Wave as a leading visual communications and collaborations reseller.


With over a decade of experience and achievement in the video and telecommunications industry, Joe has repeatedly proved his capability to deliver strong continuous results.  Formerly, Vice President and co-owner of Interchange Technologies Inc. (ITI), a company focused on enhancing visual communications in the workplace.  After much success, ITI was acquired by ePlus in 2010 where Joe continued as Director of Sales helping grow their video business.   



“We're a hard-working, growing technology company. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them! So what are you waiting for, let's meet" 

Richard Green,


Perfect Wave Technologies